Who We Are !

    Saudi Arabian Scrap (SAS) offers a range of recycling services, including ferrous and non ferrous metals. We are the largest Scrap Buyers in Jubail Saudi Arabia. We extend to consultancy and commodities trading services across and internationally. Based in Saudi Arabia with branches in UAE &, Bahrain. We strive to offer premium metal recycling services to our global community to help ensure a safer, cleaner future for our planet. As we are the scrap buyers in Saudi Arabia, we offers professional and reputable metal recycling services in Middle east to meet the requirements of client while executing the demolition, Collection, loading and unloading. You can be sure you are always getting a fair deal with SAS.


    What can we do for you ?

    We offer a wide variety of services ranging from dismantling and demolition to collection and transport. Some of our most-used services include:

    Steel Scrap

    When it comes to ferrous metals, we are all about quality and delivering exactly what you need.

    Metals & Alloys

    Exemplary service and unrivaled logistics. Quality non-ferrous products delivered on time.

    Steel Products

    Reusable products, reliable supply. We keep a ready supply of best-in-class reusable steel.

    Granulation products

    Purity guaranteed. Our cable granulation facility produces granules as pure as 99.9% copper.